Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hi All, I hope you all had an awesome 11-11-11
It was nice and quite here in POC
I spent some time in the studio getting my merry on
Yes I'm starting to put out my Christmas stuff already.
I'm making a few new things for the shop and working on some Christmas gifts for my family

 I'm making a  new home for these love birds
arent  they cute?

OOOO .... this is sooo random
I have to tell you about my new thing... 
We don't have a Starbucks in Port O'Connor....
We don't even have a coffee shop
There are days when all I really want is a great cup of Starbucks
This stuff is great!!!! It tastes just like they made it.

Love It!!!

The box is starting to shine
but its not done yet
I will post about the finished project later

 This is going to be the love birds wedding chapel

Will that's all for now
I hope you come back and check out the finished project
Until then
Be creative and make something beautiful

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well it's differently Fall around here.

The wind is blowing and there isn't any fishing going on...
not by me any way

I'm trying to keep busy in my studio these day....
it helps me to stay away from the freg

I eat way to much junk when I'm left with nothing to do but
play on facebook

That's why I'm limiting my facebook time

Anywayssssss that's enough about my bad habits 
 here is what I've been doing with my time

A little town down the road from here had their city wide
Junk In Your Truck sale.

Guess What?

I went shopping..

I found this sweet pink glass for my dear friend Kim
I know she has one just like it becasue I gave that one to her also.

Here is a few ....actually alot of pictures of the inside of
The Vintage Pearl

I love love love these tessue paper light flowers.
I used some of the old sewing patterns I bought at the
Junk In Your Truck sale. They are pretty easy to make ...
but very time consumming.
I guess thats a great project for me becasue if my hands are bussy makeing these beauties, they can't be shoving food in my mouth.

I have been trying to get ready for Christmas.

I started at the top.... and this is as far as I've gotten.

Well Folks thats all for now
Hope you enjoyed it
Be Blessed,

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everything Is Comming Up Roses

Hi Friends

I hope you all are doing well

I have been keeping very busy these days

My Sweetie had surgery last week and I have been

acting as nursemaid to him

He is recovery nicely and its been nice to look

after him for a change

He is always looking  out for me and doing most

of the cooking now that's its just him and I

I will say.... I really miss his cooking : )

I have a few projects to share with you all

Let me start by saying.....I really miss my camera

I lent it to our son and his wife so they could take

pictures of our Grandson on Halloween

I cant wait to get it back

For now ... I'm using Donnie's work camera

no fun

All these things are for sale at The Vintage Pearl

so if you are interested just leave a comment

 It all starts like this

10.00 each

These sweet candles match nicely with the

French Inspired Paper Wreaths


I found this great trunk at The Art Show Of Port Lavaca
It needs alittle cleaning up and it will go great in our cottage