Saturday, March 5, 2011

6 Dollar Project

It's all about the projects this week end
I've been knocking them out one after another these last few weeks
This has to be one of my favorite ones so far
These beautiful window frames are from my Grandma Pearl's childhood home
They are super heavy ..... I just loooove them
I white washed them and covered the back with some burlap that my Mother-in-law gave me

$O.oo dollars invested in this project and a little elbow grease


 I used the scraps to hang some of my pictures in the kitchen
I didn't want to show my whole kitchen in the picture because I'm still working on some other projects I want to share with you later

Here is my last project for the day
This is where the six dollars comes in

You'll see what I mean

 All these glass container once where filled with shells
The dust got so bad you couldnt tell what was on display the shells or the dust
So it was time to do a little cleaning


 I plan on putting sand and candles in the vase's
Will thats all for today...What have you been up to?