Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today's Project

Hi Friends,

Here is my coffee table project that I'm working on today.

It didn't sell at the Round Top sale in it original state so I decided to paint it

and try to make it look like a surf broad

 I still have to put a finish on it and then it will be ready for the studio

 Here are a few new things in the studio

Will that's it for today. I've got dinner in the oven and I'm ready for American Idle tonight....Go Scotty!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's New In The Studio

Hi Friends,

I have a few new things in Studio to share with you

I hand make all of the jewelery with the exception of the vintage peaces

My new peaces are made with fishing in mind

This one has tri swivel's

For those of you that don't fish... the center peace is a tri swivel used for hooks when fishing

The beach chair is one of my favorit things in the shop

The lady I got it from told me it was her grandmothers so I'm guessing its pretty old.

This is my version of Steampunk

The center peace was a star drag from a 65 hounderd ABU Garcia Reel

The charms on these beauty's are bearings from some of the reels that my housband has repaired.

There paired with hand made glass beads

These two are made of single swevles

Will I'm back to my crafting
I hope you get the chance to make somthing beautiful today

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Projects around the studio

I cleaned out my jewelry box today. I  used an old window frame from my grandma Pearls house.
The only place it would fit is behind our bedroom door. I probably will wear more of my jewelry with this easy access.

 I also spent some time in the studio working on steam punk
The DH repairs fishing reels and has alot of left over parts.
Wast Not..Want Not
 I'm working on a mans bractlet made out of old reel bearings

I also made a few really nice earings but that will be posted in a later blog post.
For now happy crafting to you all

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Gift For a Friend

Hi friends
I hope you are haveing an artful day
I just have a few pictures to share
I have been super busy around the studio and yard so I haven't taken the time to blog
I hit a garage sale this week end and found this sweet little doggie for my dearest friend
She has a thing for poodles
I hope you like it

Here are  some shots from around the studio

Creat something beautiful today