Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Painting My World Beautiful

Hi Friends
Thank you for taking the time to stop by for a looksy
Things have been buzzing around The Vintage Pearl
I have some finished projects and a hole lotta projects still in progress

Here are a few pictures of whats going on in my world

 I finished this little bench today
I think it would be great in a bathroom or kids room.

 I picked this solid wood octagon side table up from Good Will the last time I visited the kids
 My plan is to paint the bottom black satin and finish the top with a distressed blue
 I found these lights laying by someones trash can last night
When I yelled pull over my DH just rolled his eyes
I guess he just don't see what I see

Finished Project

 This one has a way to go
 It was starting to look really messy around here
I had to organize and put away some things
I'm hoping for rain tomorrow

 Here are a few pics of the inside of the The Vintage Pearl retail area

 I haven't found  the glass shelves for my china cabinet yet
I think they are in a storage building in Schulenburg
I hope so?

  Yada is minding the shop for me
She is wondering where are all the shoppers

 The surf board coffee table is sold
I'm just waiting for my client to find room for it

Will that's all for now until next time
Stay cool and pray for rain

Monday, June 20, 2011


Ahoy Shipmates!

How is your summer going?

I hope your finding some time to enjoy these long summer days.

It's been busy around The Vintage Pearl

I had a garage sale this weekend so I decided to open the doors to the studio as will.

It was amazing!

There was alot of  foot traffic and I got the chance to let people know that I'm here

I tryed to work on a few pieces of furniture during the slow times
but didn't get much done.

Here are few pictures of what I'm working on

My neighbor gave me this old dresser last week
at first I tryed to give it away at my garage sale but no one wanted it
so i decided to do something with it
I picked this little table up at a garage sale the last time I was visiting the kids
The dresser has a huge mirror to go with it
I'm thinking about adding drift wood to the mirror
That should make it look really beachy 

I'll post pictures of the finished product in a few days so check back
until then I will be spending time in the studio working on all kinds of stuff.