Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blue Wednesday

Hi Blogger friends
I've been a busy bee today
I have started round 2 of the HCG diet and I really need to keep my hands busy
I started early this morning because of the heat
Its been over 100 degrees in POC for a few days now so I have been planning my day around the heat wave

Here are few pictures of the inside of The Vintage Pearl

 I just love these old model cars...they are the perfect blue for coastal decorating. Their setting on a three legged stole I painted last winter.
 I love this new color, it reminds me of Tiffany blue
 This sweet old chair is Pretty In Pink....I still have to distress it a bit

 I now have  heavenly handmade soaps made by Kim from Vintage Me Hemmed In Prayer

I have been trying to keep all of the flowers watered
and cared for in all this heat
I hope I can save them for burning up in the drought

Well thats it for now folks
I hope you have a great week