Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hi Friends
Well it looks like the summer has ended here in Port O'Connor.
Our little town is pretty quite and business is slow today.
I'm up in the house browsing through blog land and decided to share with you guys some of the pretties that are just waiting for a new home.

This is a pillow I just completed
It has handmade rose's
I made them with a old table clothe and then tea stained them for a warmer color.

 This lovely pillow slip cover is for sale for 35.oo

This is where I spend alot of my evening

OK this isnt in my shop...
This is our kitchen
I love bowls...can you tell?

I had some realy nice peace's of Ironstone for sale in the shop...
Untill I went shopping and decided to bring them up stairs

We are back in the shop again

Will thats it for now. I'm thinking that I will have plenty of time to blog in the up comming days.
"The Running Of The Bulls" is just about over and I'm thinking that will really slow the traffic down around here. O...the running of the bulls is what the locals call it when the Large Red Drum fish are plentyful.