Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Day In The Son

Happy Sunday to you all
I hope you have had a bless day and hopefully you got a chance to spend some time in the Son
I have been a busy bee today
The sun was out so I was out too
Here is what was going on today

 I thought the blue finish on this dresser was a little bright so i decide to put a coat of dark walnut stain on it.
What do ya think?
I like it
One last step.... and I'm done
 This is the inside of my soon to be studio

 After painting and staining I moved on to the yard work
I mowed and racked the whole yard

 Yes I even pulled weeds

 Okay..these where taken yesterday
I got this tackle box from a garage sale for 3.00 and you know me I had to put a coat of pink paint on it before filling with my beeds

 I dont remember what this flower is called but anyway I got it a year ago
It finely bloomed again and thought you might enjoy to see how preeeeety they are

 These beauties took bloom at my kitchen table
There coffee filter roses

 They almost look real

 What do you think? ....I think thay look real.

 Well that's it...I cant believe how much I actually got done today
I plan on tomorrow being just busy

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Somthing Old Made New Again

Thanks for stopping by friends. I hope your enjoying your weekend. We have wind and an overcast  so that means no painting for me today. Ive been trying to keep very busy while in the house. I'm on the HCG diet and its been difficult to keep food off my mind. I figure the best thing for me is to keep my hands as busy as possible. So here is what Ive been up to.

 Coffee filter roses

 Something old made new again

Will thanks for checking in one me and be sure to stop back by again.
Have a blessed weekend

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm Seeing Stars

I'm starting to get cabin fever, what about you?
We didn't get snow like they predicted but its still freezing.
Ive got  my survival ket spread out all over the house.
 Sewing ket

 Sewing machine

 I'm just dreaming about warmer days out on the beach with the star fish.
Later friends

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rose's In Full Bloom In The Middle Of The Winter Storm

Hello..Anyone out there?
Ive been hibernating in the warmth of my home the last few days, how about you?
I hope you have been making the most out of the winter storm.
Maybe you've been crafting or catching up on some reading.
Ive been dreaming of warmer days and recovering the pillows for my deck.
We do alot of entertaining in the summer and we usually
end our long summer days on the beach with a cocktail on the deck.

Here are few pictures of my progress

 I'm not the only one snuggled up on the sofa.
This pillow turned out so pretty its almost a shame to leave it out side.

 I have my work cut out for me, don't ya think?
O will its going to snow here tonight, so I guess I will have all day tomorrow as will.
Stay warm and see you soon